1000 steps to my death

Me: My Rough Guide says we can’t leave KL without going to Batu caves.

Friend: What is it? If we have to trek or really go to a cave, you’re on your own.

Me: It’s not really a cave, it says here it’s some Buddhist shrine. The book has directions. Let’s goooooo!

We were getting used to our typical routine of getting lost that another blind adventure would have been fine. 

Me: This is easy. Just be on the lookout for “Batu” , then we can get off.

It took as 30 minutes on the road to realize that almost all the places had the title Batu attached to them.  

We finally arrived.

Me: (slowly and carefully turning to look at my friend’s reaction) I’m speechless.

Friend: (with a complete and resigned exasperated look) Are we seriously going to climb that?There are like 1,000 steps to that cave!!!

Friend: I’m going to kill you!!!

Me: I’m going to kill myself first.


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