Travelling Solo

What is so wrong with this constant need to move forward?

I think people who have heard of what I’ve done have difficulties setting their mind on whether I’m to be admired or be kicked in the head for idiocy (a word, I have a bizarre affinity for). Straight from Malaysia, I continued on my lone expedition through to Indonesia (the expedition which ironically involved no land or water voyage but which required 6 plane rides to and fro 4 countries).

The initial reaction of people would usually be one of astonishment and awe. As the conversation progresses and as that tidbit of information focusing on the words “travelling alone” slowly reach our thick cerebral-infused skulls, that’s when I get the real reaction. They find themselves straight from a wistful dreamy state plunged back into realism which is when they start throwing out questions in between non-existent breath pauses (of course with the typical quizzical eyebrows).

Now I’m not completely off my feet not to have thought about what I was getting myself into (after all, this isn’t really the first time a 20-something girl/woman has travelled alone). People start with the basic question (well, it’s more of an apparent reiteration of what I’ve just mentioned) : “you’re travelling alone, like alone?” as if by verbally rejecting it, it’d magically change into a different word or that I meant the exact opposite of its dictionary definition. The only apt answer to which is “Sometimes, you just have to plunge towards the unknown…” (thus, the blog name).

What do you have to say?

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