Getting lost – episode # hundred something

Today is my birthday, I just came from Indonesia, where I had my first cake (yes, I ate it too). I am now in Singapore, my last stop. Arriving in Singapore, the first thing I did, aside from checking if I had severe neck injuries from craning my neck at the varied view windows in the colossal airport, was eat at Burger King (which for me, believe it or not already equated to heaven) to heed the beck and call of my never-ending minute hunger pangs. This was complete and utter culture shock for me, having spent 4 days in semi-urban chic Malaysia and 4 days in laid back pseudo-ethnic Indonesia. SG was so modern. Not hobo-modern, or chic modern (as this has already been designated above) but nouveau rich, brand spanking new modern. The airport complex in fact was so massive that it had its own internal railway service transporting passengers from one side of the airport to the other. The only obvious downside however was that I couldn’t possibly follow the technique I’ve personally developed for me and my lack of geographic talent: following the swarm of people straight from the plane down to the gates and further on to cabs. This has kept me alive in all the 5 flight transfers I’ve done so far in this trip and it has never failed me. Until now. As soon as we alighted the plane and got off the bridge, confusion struck. You had a 180-degree choice of where you’d want to go. I literally stood there, lost in translation (isn’t this such a cliché). Not wanting to look like a complete idiot (refer to rule #1 of travelling), I walked on and on and on and went back and tried the other route until I saw an opportunity: burger king. You can sit without looking like an idiot, be given enough time to concoct a planned route and finally get out of the damn airport (so, the story about me and my hunger-pangs actually came in as a secondary need). There were signs alright, hundreds of them, multitudes of exit choices. Sound effect: twilight zone. So to cut the long getting lost in the airport story short, I found my guts and the railway service which gave me a good view of the city (perfect with light drizzle) and I finally made it to the clean streets of SG. Now what?

What do you have to say?

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