A drunk spa experience

The natural cyclical process of nativity and the inevitable demise of one’s existence has never caused any great source of delight or gloom from my end. It’s the years in between those that I have always been concerned about. By my own personal irrational standards, I am old. At 25, a person is old. 25 is the new 40. It’s not necessarily weariness over life that makes my outlook as such, I just possess this constant rush to keep moving forward.

So it is the eve of my birth date and I was planning a laid back lounge on the beach. I stayed at this really nice lounge area in front of Kuta B. They had big plush pillows and a fairly comfortable abaca sofa with thick maroon cushions. The height of the table was enough for customers to effortlessly reach over for a sip in between casual conversations without distractions. I looked over the menu and was surprised that they served real food as opposed to actual casual finger food, well at least they had dim sum so I guess I’ll be alright. I ordered a milkshake, the only drink that was neither beer nor iced tea and some fried prawns in dim sum wrapper food. Later on, I would be ordering 2 glasses of Bali red wine (everything makes perfect sense so far right?what – with the combination of milk and wine, nothing could go wrong). I propped my feet up and started reading. I was reading a book that I bought out of sheer desperation which I still thought was quite fitting for my then current disposition: ”A beginner’s guide to changing the world” (the book wasn’t really what I expected but it was still quite a break from my usual reads).  

Fast forward to post-2 glasses of innocuous-looking local red wine: I AM IN SPIN-CITY AND EVERYONE ELSE IS DANCING WITH ME. Before any judgments are raised frontward, the dizzying hex after 2 glasses of red wine was unforgivably strange, as over the years, I have acquired quite a decent tolerance for alcohol (a fact, I assure you, I am not entirely proud of).

I slowly walked (more like uprightly crawled) towards the busy spa street and started deciding which one of them will be able to give me the gift of peace on the eve of my birthday. They had me sit in a comfortable lounge and gave me little bowls. I was almost ready to dip my hand in it and taste them until I realized that they were meant more for the exterior part of my body than for the eating part. I chose something that was supposed to defeat everyone else’s  purpose for a beach trip: skin lightening and glowing scrub (by then, I was already as dark as local cocoa champorado). They had me enter an area with nice silk curtains and the attendant gave me a soothing leg and feet massage. Niiicccceee. Afterwards, she led me upstairs for the actual spa experience complete with aroma, sticky edible stuff scrubbed all over me and finished it up with a light flavorless yogurt. A full spa experience while intoxicated. It’s a must-try! Happy birthday!

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