naked as we came

Parties, house cooking showdowns, greetings, smiles, more fake smiles, crashers, a guy friend bringing the random flavor of the month date to meet the friends, friends checking other friends out, girlfriends checking other girlfriends out and nit-picking on their fashion sense, their hair and their calloused feet, gifts  – or the lack of it. Isn’t the above description a perfect little portrayal of what happens during adult birthday celebrations? Well I stopped publicly celebrating my birth date at the age of 7 (that’s only as far as my memory can dictate- then again we know that my memory is just untrustworthy) so I never had to go through the entire shebang of these yearly events.

Yes, I was one of them – those who thought the more you thought birthdays were un-cool, the cooler you were.  

But my birthday celebration this year was different. Different in a lot of ways.

Have you ever:

Celebrated your birthday on your own?

Celebrated your birthday in 2 different countries? (and I’m talking about the same day)

Celebrated your  birthday with 2 different cakes?

Celebrated your birthday reading a book?

Celebrated your birthday being massaged while slightly tipsy from wine?

Celebrated your birthday getting lost in a foreign country?

Celebrated your birthday without anyone greeting or hugging you and wishing you many more birthdays to come?

Celebrated your birthday being in a relationship that you never realized you were in until you got home? (Surprise. We’ve been together 2 weeks now –eekkk!)

Celebrating mediocrity. How emo can that be?

What do you have to say?

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