Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men – David Foster Wallace (Powerbooks, P705)



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The Strokes  

The word “entertaining” is undeserving of this book, so is “scintillating” as it is anything but vulgar, to suggest the word “appealing” is in bad taste for it does more than that and to say it’s “original” is just  pure bullshit. So for now, it’ll be but fair to say that Wallace’s work aptly throws in a collection of light, dark, humorous, realistic stories with “men” as its central theme. Far from its suggestive title however, it does not talk about typical home-grown abuse or violence  but randomly peers in private worlds that we encounter in daily lives. It is therefore, a simple and straightforward account of the conversations we are all too familiar with. Except that those simple conversations were brilliantly interpreted in paper and Wallace’s unrivaled ability to capture mostly dismissed intimate individual sentiments, thoughts and body language is  well portrayed in his stories. All his stories took on different personas, different language usage and choice of words, others were light reads, some philosophical, they verge on the scandalous or like our usual lives, they were just plain average. All the stories however took on the signature Wallace rants, they were extremely and arduously long sentences.

“All right, I am, okay, yes, but hang on a second, okay? I need you to try to understand this. Okay? Look, I know I’m moody. I know I’m kind of withdrawn sometimes. I know I’m hard to be in this with, okay? All right? But this every time I get moody or withdrawn you thinking I’m leaving or getting ready to ditch you – I can’t take it. This thing of you being afraid all the time. It wears me out. It makes me feel like I have to, like, hide whatever mood I might be in because right away you’re going to think it’s about you and that I’m getting ready to ditch you and leave. You don’t trust me. You don’t. It’s not like I’m saying given our history I deserved a whole lot of trust right off the bat. But you still don’t at all. There’s like zero security no matter what I do. Okay? I said I’d promise I wouldn’t leave and you said you believed me that I was in this with you for the long haul this a time, but you didn’t. Okay? Just admit it, all right? You don’t trust me. I’m on eggshells all the time. Do you see? I can’t keep going around reassuring you all the time.”

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