My pre-conception soundtrack was (and I’m just guessing here, I don’t necessarily ask my parents what they were listening to while I was being made) a collection of Elvis songs. I grew up listening to Elvis and being influenced by the King’s music. My dad was an Elvis tribute artist and had I been born a boy, they would’ve definitely named me after the drug-disposed legend. Having had roots in rock and roll (while my dad mostly sang Elvis’ ballad songs- that’s how good he was), it was no surprise that I had developed a good ear for great music . I was a 10-year old snotty hipster.

My first encounter with rock came when I stumbled upon a Smashing Pumpkins tape. The awakening. I was a wide-eyed little pre-adolescent girl in a dress singing to cherub rock. Soon after, I ventured out to hard rock, alternative rock and reggae (come on, everyone has had to go through that stage). I had no idea what genres meant, I just listened.

Post-manually wound up with pencil cassette tapes (via the walkman) came the era of piracy. With little school money to spare, I would go through street cd’s over and over, trying to decide what would fit perfectly in my little music world.

Then came the era of dial-up internet connection and those scratch-at-your-own risk pre-paid cards you had to use for an hour of uncensored internet browsing and downloading. My first yahoo address was named after one of Skunk Anansie’s song (you would later come to know her as Skin) and I was still into the whole feminist ideals and obsessed over female artists. While downloading was completely inevitably painful during that time, rare radio stations were still able to provide me with little bits of trip-hop, electronica and indie music. Led Zeppelin Belle and Sebastian Bloc Party Bob Dylan Collective Soul STP Damien Rice Deftones David Bowie Pink Floyd Explosions in the Sky Frou Frou Goldfrappe Jeff Buckley Kasier Chiefs Kings of Leon Band of Hoses Live Mandalay Massive Attack Portishead MGMT Moby Morissey Phoenix PJ Harvey Radiohead R.E.M Sex Pistols Sneaker Pimps Tricky Stereophonics Sting Telepopumsik Tears for Fears The Boxer Rebellion The Cure  The Cribs The Strokes The Flaming Lips The Ramones The Smiths The Smashing Pumpkins The Who U2 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Astrud Gilberto David Matthews Band Beatles Elvis Marvin Gaye Nirvana Our Lady Peace Bjork Fiona Apple Tori Amos


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